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15 July 2005 @ 01:45 am
So, here I sit ... in fandom.  
A year and eight months after diving into the deep end of Harry Potter fandom (i.e. reading fanfiction and reccing it to boot) ... one of the evil works in progress (that I'm always bitching about) has finally ended. Sitting here on the eve of the release of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, it makes me wonder if anything JK Rowling writes will ever have me quite so wound up as this stunning writer has kept me for the last year and eight months.

Everyone who reads my personal journal has heard me rant more than once about works in progress. Heck, people reading here have gotten a whiff of my feelings once or twice. What people don't know is that there's always at least one or two that I'm following. Mainly because they didn't come with a warning label and I was so terribly engrossed in them before I realized they were unfinished. Generally, my attention span lasts about a month or so ... if it isn't done within that time frame or updating so ridiculously regularly it can keep my short attention span, then I'm not going to stick with it. So, wouldn't you say that holding my attention span for a year and eight months (with MONTHS between some of these updates) says something pretty amazing? I'd say so.

Underwater Light by sarahtales has probably become one of the most recced works in progress over my time in fandom. I know I even mentioned once on here about an update because I was just so excited. When I started Underwater Light in my first month involved in Harry Potter fandom, I had no idea ... I'd just found it through someone who'd pointed it out to someone to read somewhere on a site I'd been perusing. The plot looked fascinating and next thing I knew I was 15 chapters into a work in progress and it had been two months since the last update with no updates in sight. 20 months and 7 updates later ... I have to say that Underwater Light has been one of the fics that has most shaped the face of fandom for me. It's had me hold my breath at times, in tears at others, and busting a gut with absolute laughter at others. If anyone ever wonders who made me look at Draco quite so differently than how JKR portrays him, the answer is Maya.

So, here's the official format of this rec, but trust me when I say ... you want to read this. If you can devour it in the now less-than-24 hours before Half Blood Prince, I'd say go for it ... don't let JKR taint this one for you. It's beautiful and heart-breaking and it'll miss something in the not having to wait, but go ahead ... if you haven't read it yet ... spoil yourself, read it all at once.

Title: Underwater Light (Last section is on her journal for now.)
Author: sarahtales
Rating: Overall PG-13 with minor fluctuations here and there, but nothing much higher than that.
Pairing: This has Harry/Draco angst written all over it.
Warnings: Plot ... be warned, here be plot!
Author's Summary: Featuring an extremely depressed Harry, in a war-torn wizarding world, about to get the shock of his life when he discovers that Draco Malfoy is slightly more important to him than he would have ever guessed. Including a very odd friendship, lots of angst, suspicions, conflicted loyalties, clueless Ron, on-the-warpath Hermione and two very messed-up boys.
Reccer's Summary: That pretty much says it all.

My heart is wrapped around this fic ... love it for what it's worth. Love it.

-Draconis Leona-
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Nico1908nico1908 on January 9th, 2012 12:20 am (UTC)
The links don't work anymore. :( Do you know where I might find Underwater Light?